Postpartum Care

Postpartum care begins the day after the birth when I journey to the client's home once again.  I check the mother for involution of the uterus, her blood pressure, pulse and temperature.  I want to know that she has eaten, replenished  fluids and is resting.  I like to talk to the moms about breast-feeding also.  I like to check the vitals of the baby and want to know that s/he is urinating, moving meconium through the system and nursing well.

The next visits are scheduled at five days, two or three weeks and six weeks after the birth.  I continue to monitor the vitals of both mom and baby, and I like to weigh the babies at each of these visits.  I will also perform the metabolic screening and record information for the birth certificate at the five day visit.



The Details:

  • Day after visit at the home
  • Health assessment of mother and child
  • Breast feeding help/discussion
  • Future visits at 5 days, 2-3 weeks and 6 weeks
  • Baby's and mother's health is monitored at each visit
  • Birth certificate is submitted





Resources for Postpartum