I have been blessed to be one of Reno’s most experienced midwives, with a thriving practice.   I have birthed three children of my own, and I have birthed approximately 1700 children in my practice, which also includes my own two grandchildren.

This is what I offer my clients as a result of my years of experience.

  • An abundance of home-based birthing experience!  I read textbooks voraciously as a student, but birth is the real teacher.  Every mama, baby, and birth has taught me something new about birth and left me with a sense of awe at the strength of women and the absolute miracle of nurturing and birthing another human being.  And I continue to stay absolutely up-to-date by reading books and articles about birth and breastfeeding as well as by attending workshops and conferences about midwifery care.

  • An abundance of love, dedication, commitment and devotion to parents, steering them to resources with which they can make informed choices about where and with whom they wish to birth their children.  Although I practice with protocols in place, I am quite flexible in accommodating the wishes and dreams of parents.

  • An abundance of patience.  Birth is a miraculous process and every woman and baby deserves the chance to be unrushed, allowing the process to unfold organically and in its own time.

  • An abundance of skills.  The longer I have practiced, the more tools I have accumulated in my toolbox.  These tools include knowing what normal is and deciphering when either the mother or the baby steps outside the normal box. I like to tell parents that they are hiring me to make “the call” that everything is normal and we can proceed at home, without the need for additional help from a hospital.

  • An abundance of calm and peace.  Many of my clients have told me that they appreciate the peacefulness I exude.  It gives them enormous comfort to know that all is well with the birth, the mama and  the baby.

  • A huge abundance of laughter and joy!  There is so much happiness for me when a baby is being born that many times I cannot help but smile and laugh as the baby is coming out.   In fact, I have a close friend who says that “all babies should be born to the music of Diane’s laughter.”